Use SKN’s Easy Rust Coating to Prevent Rust on Oil and Gas Industry Parts and Materials

When a piece of equipment, material, or part breaks down, massive amounts of time and money are lost. In the oil and gas industry, responsiveness is everything because time is of the essence. An expensive replacement metal part can remain in storage for many months, even years, and when that part is needed, it must be ready for immediate use. However, if they aren’t preserved, these parts may become rusty or corroded. This leads to unwanted delays, and more money and resources are wasted. This is when SKN’s easy rust coating is really needed for protection against rust and corrosion.


SKN Coating Rust Protectant

SKN Coating (formerly Seal ‘n’ Peel) is a robust product and manufactured to specialise in the complete protection of metal surfaces such as couplers and flanges to conduits and pipes. After all, if SKN Coating can protect a whole aircraft for mothballing, protecting metal parts in the oil and gas industry is very achievable. Oil and gas industry machinery and replacement parts that are wrapped and protected by SKN’s heavy-duty membrane coating will come out clean and ready to use when the protective coating is peeled away. This will mean huge money and time savings for any company.


Take a look at the three key areas that SKN can impact:

  • Cost

Rust will damage parts, so rusted parts cannot be used as spares or may require reworking. This will equate to lost time, money, and human resources. Rust prevention, as a solution makes more sense.

  • Compliance

Rusty spare parts will always compromise safety. SKN’s protective coating ensures that spare parts are ready for immediate use.

  • Performance

Spares, materials, equipment, and even tools protected from corrosion perform better at every stage in the oil and gas industry.


At SKN Coating, we take the whole concept of proactive protection very seriously, because we understand that preventing wastage from the start will mean a lot of savings. SKN Coating products ensure that traditionally dirty and polluted rust prevention methods like oils and tapes are completely unnecessary. When a company starts using SKN products:

  • Say farewell to messy and oil-based rust prevention methods (since degreasing the spare part to get rid of the RP oil means using solvents).
  • Bid so long to hazardous solvents that are harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Say ‘adieu’ to the extra labour needed to apply and remove RP oils.
  • Give a sounding ‘goodbye’ to the added risk that RP oils have in the oil and gas industry because of high flash point and flammability.


For over 47 years, SKN Coating has protected oil and gas parts and equipment from rust and corrosion while keeping projects running on time - leading to increased profitability. You should also look to SKN’s easy rust coating to protect not only metals but also your brand reputation. Contact the SKN Coating team today at

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AU Phone 1300 662 987
USA Phone 1-832-533-5628
AU Phone 1300 662 987USA Phone 1-832-533-5628