The world's simplest rust protectant

Simply spray, roll, or brush it on. Two coats provide the ultimate protection for as long as required. When ready, simply peel SKN away.

"I saw firsthand the benefits of SKN during the past couple of years whilst at the fabrication yard in Malaysia"

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Chevron

"This coating requirement (SKN) would save tons of money on the manpower involved in preservation of thousands of valves alone"

Planner CCJV Maintenance Member - McDermott
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Brush or Spray-on, then simply peel off!

SKN Ultimate Rust Protectant is a revolutionary formula that can be simply sprayed or painted on to protect metals from rust and corrosion. Untreated metals begin to rust as soon as they are exposed to the elements.

SKN creates the ultimate protective skin with a complete seal against oxygen, moisture & rust creep. When you’re ready, easily peel the off the SKN and your metal asset is left in its original condition, ready for use.

The results are unbelievable.

Three stages of Asset breakdown

SKN is quickly and easily applied, providing a proven permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) copolymer barrier that ensures the ultimate protection against rust, pitting and costly infrastructure replacements.It is easy to use, easily peeled away, and simply the most technologically advanced corrosion and rust inhibitor available.

skn Covered

Metal revealed to be in perfect condition


The surface has some rust or pitting. May need to be replaced.


The metal is badly rusted or pitted. It will need to be replaced. This is likely to lead to expensive project delays.

SKN Features

SKN uniquely interfaces with the environment and is the first line of defence from external factors.
  • Exceptionally tough and durable
  • Permanently flexible & highly flexible: can stretch 250% beyond its normal size
  • Has outstanding heat-sealing qualities
  • Easily and conveniently peeled away
  • Long-lasting
  • Has outstanding heat-sealing qualities

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas, Mining & Defence

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AU Phone 1300 662 987
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AU Phone 1300 662 987USA Phone 1-832-533-5628