Stainless Steel Coatings Ensure Better Protection for Stainless Steel Parts and Equipment

Stainless steel coatings for stainless steel parts, spares, and equipment serve as a barrier between the elements such as rain, moisture, and acids, preventing the onset of rust and corrosion. It is essential to use a rust protectant to keep away moisture or rust creep, because even the slightest moisture can be the start of oxidation in metal.


The benefits of anti-corrosion coatings

Rust protectant coatings ensure that metal components have the longest possible lifespan when in storage. Coatings such as SKN Coating can be easily applied using a paintbrush, roll-on, or spray gun. SKN quickly dries after application so the metal part can be stored away almost immediately. When the metal part or material needs to be used, the flexible membrane coating can be easily stripped away by manual peeling. No need for degreasing or using solvents to remove the coating. The peeled off membrane is not toxic when disposed of in the trash, and disposal is so easy as well.


SKN Coating is compatible with almost all metals, with options for stainless steel, alloys, mild steel, carbon steel, and aluminium. The coating works well with flanges, shafts and other machined metal surfaces.


Not just moisture and rainy weather

Although rain and humidity, as well as the build up of water in one area, is a primary cause of oxidation, there are many other factors that contribute. The SKN polyvinyl copolymer membrane also forms a heavy barrier for protection against staining acid and alkalis, watermarking, scratching, paint and plaster.

SKN Rust Protectant

SKN brings almost five decades of experience and expertise to the manufacturing of metal protection coatings. SKN also brings along the advantage of well-trained and experienced staff and professionals who are always ready to handle any industry project or work-related need for stainless steel coatings or other rust prevention coatings. For professional advice or a full quote, contact the SKN Coating team at

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AU Phone 1300 662 987
USA Phone 1-832-533-5628
AU Phone 1300 662 987USA Phone 1-832-533-5628