An Easy Rust Protection Coating from a Proven Track Record Holder

As a rust prevention coating, the workability of SKN Coating was seen almost immediately when it first came out in 1973. Even after undergoing minor formulation changes, the viability of SKN Coating as an effective and easy rust coating has been seen over the years. Most notable is its ease of application and ease of peeling, not to mention its effectiveness in preventing moisture and rust from creeping into metal.


To prove the effectiveness of SKN Coating, one only needs to see its track record in the Australian Defence industry.


SKN proven track record with the Royal Australia Air Force

For many years, SKN Coating has been supplied to the Royal Australia Air Force for the coating of electrical gear and the mothballing of aircraft. For instance, aircraft electrical gear enclosed in metal boxes needs to be waterproofed and yet must still be accessible for maintenance and inspection. The best example is the electrical componentry installed in the nose area of the former F-111 aircraft of the RAAF. It was imperative that no moisture or condensation should enter the metal casings while the jet is flying faster than the speed of sound and at high altitude. It was unthinkable to suddenly have an electrical “short” as the jet breaks the sound barrier.


SKN is also used for mothballing equipment and aircraft. The mothballing of aircraft requires a strict procedure of protective coating to ensure the aircraft is completely covered and protected for the long term, and yet remains available for inspection on a regular basis.


RAAF Hercules and AP-3C Orion

Two examples of SKN’s proven track record in mothballing can be found at an Air Museum in Victoria, Australia. A couple of years ago, one of the RAAF’s earliest Hercules aircraft was earmarked for long-term preservation in storage for the museum. Thus, the whole aircraft was coated in SKN peelable coating. To this day, the coating is still intact, while the aircraft is well-preserved for public viewing.


The second example is an AP-3C Orion aircraft that was also earmarked for the museum. Again, it was fully coated with SKN Coating, the rust protectant coating being intact to this day.


Benefits of using SKN Coating

If SKN Coating can cover and protect a whole aircraft against rust and corrosion, think of what it could do with metal parts, materials, and equipment in any industry. The effectiveness of this easy rust coating is due to these three main advantages:

  • Easy application and fast drying action

The process of coating only needs a paintbrush, roller, or spray gun, or even simpler: the Aerosol. Its fast-drying action cuts down application time, saving on time and labour costs.

  • Excellent sealing properties

The polymer coating has incredible sealing properties that prevents rust creep - where the coating is, the rust is not.

  • Non-residue peeling

Once the metal part or equipment needs to be used, the polymer membrane can be easily peeled off. There is no need for degreasing or the use of solvents to remove the coating.


For the most dependable and easy rust coating, you can rely on SKN Coating. For queries or to request for a free quote, visit the SKN website at

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AU Phone 1300 662 987
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